About Us

Umaksan was established in 2017, leveraging 18 years of extensive engineering expertise in heavy industry. Our core objective is to create optimal production conditions for our clients through accurate information and precise designs. We are committed to serving our long-standing customers under our own brand, ensuring the continuous delivery of professional services. This encompasses the development of processes, the evaluation and manufacturing of ATEX equipment in hazardous environments, and the execution of various technical engineering endeavors such as pressure tank designs, hydraulic analysis calculations, and reactor mixer calculations, based on our extensive experience.

Furthermore, in addition to defining processes and preparing P&ID diagrams, we extend support to our clients on process enhancement initiatives. P&ID studies play a critical role in ensuring the successful implementation of contemporary industry projects, aligning with established standards.

Our primary aim is to promptly meet our customers’ requirements through our proficient manufacturing and assembly team. Upholding ISO 9001 Quality standards, we strive to ensure the highest customer satisfaction levels and provide tailored solutions. Continual efforts are underway to enhance and optimize our service qualit